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Custom Cross Stitch Tapestry Kit | Just Upload Your Photo!

Custom Cross Stitch Tapestry Kit | Just Upload Your Photo!

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A beautiful custom cross stitch tapestry kit of your own photo to create and treasure forever.

A wonderful unique gift for an art lover! A thoughtful gift for you to handmake with love! Ideal for parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends.

Your kit includes a blank canvas, cotton/silk wools, simple to follow instructions, stitch counting pattern, and needle. It will come with a wooden frame too if you have selected it.

No previous experience necessary - everything required to complete the tapestry is included.

Happy Stitching!

For best results we recommend that you follow these simple guidelines in selecting your image:

Head shot or upper body, the simpler the background the more detail you will have of your subject. Good colour and contrast between subject and background works best. Selfies or photos taken close up to the subject with a flash will tend to bleach out colour tones and are not recommended. 



Step 1. Click the "Choose Image" button to begin looking for the image you'd like to use. We accept all image qualities, but to get the very best results, choose an image with lots of colour, which is non-pixelated. 

Step 2. Select your desired size. The bigger the canvas size, the less detail is lost, so we highly recommend you choose a larger size (at least 40cm across) to guarantee the best result. Please note that we will select landscape or portrait depending on the image that you upload (unless you specify otherwise).

Step 3. Now select the number of threads you would like. The more you select, the greater detail of the painting. If you're uploading an image with lots of detail and shades, it's best to choose a higher number of threads! Then, select your thread type, based off your preference.

Step 4. Verify your image is uploaded correctly by checking to see if there's a file attached to your order. If all looks good, hit "Add To Cart." or checkout instantly with your chosen provider.

Step 5. Proceed to checkout as usual. You're all set! If you want to be extra sure everything went through, you can click or tap the image link attached to your order to download and verify the image as we have it on our end.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Jeannette Hicks

Looks great arrived with everything required. Great size will look lovely when complete. This is the second one purchased from Cross Stitched. They are so much like the photograph sent, great cannot wait to see the finished item this time. Great communication and arrived as stated thank you.

Very nice

Foun that some of the colours did not match the picture, were it would be brown it came out burgundy, this mite be due to the picture being translate, also the threads did not match the printed chart , yellow on the chart , sewing with off white threads

Denise Allen
2 of a kind

Granddad and grandson with there caps on can't wait to start it

Clyde Toy

I was surprised because it was bigger than I imagined. It seems that it will take some time to cross-stitch. It's convenient to have it printed on the canvas. The white part of the design also had threads.

Antoinette Gerhold

The customer support is responsive. did everything as requested. The order came really fast too.

Claudine Hand

Very attentive. Order arrived all as description and sent gifts. Will Buy Again Work completed. Need washing. Will buy more. Very attentive, dedicated. Sent the picture and drawing came perfectly equal.

Columbus Torp

Very good very fast. Efficiency in communication. Fast shipping and fast reception

Margarette Bauch

Order came quickly. The seller talked well. There's a lot of thread. After otshiva I will see the result on how well the scheme is worked out

Belle Homenick

Super Excellent cross, with complex

Chadrick Johnston

Multiple times ordered, always well with sufficient yarn, staff also very helpful with figuring out the good size cavas El pleased with the pattern of the birds, enough embroider wires. Really a recommended

  • A professional cross stitch canvas

    A professional canvas

  • High-quality cross stitch threads & tools

    High-quality threads & tools

  • A cross stitch & embroidery kit

    Everything required for a perfect stitch!

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