Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern - Cross Stitched

Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern

Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern


This Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern is an intermediate level project that produces a stylish and cozy hat suitable for most adult women. The pattern is written in standard US terms and utilizes basic crochet abbreviations for ease of understanding.

Materials Needed

  • Crochet hook I 5.5 mm
  • Less than one skein of Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in Classic or any medium weight yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Finished Size

The finished hat has an approximate circumference of 20 inches (unstretched/unworn) and a height of around 9.75 inches when following the provided gauge.

Pattern Instructions

Band of the Hat

Foundation Row: Chain 6, single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each remaining chain across (5 stitches).

Row 1: Chain 1, single crochet in the back loop of each stitch across (5 stitches).

Row 2 - 54: Repeat Row 1 (5 stitches).

After the last row, join the band together short end to short end with 5 slip stitches. Do not fasten off yarn, continue along the long end of the band for the main hat pattern.

Main Hat

Round 1: Chain 1, half double crochet 54 times evenly around the long end of the band. Join with a slip stitch into the top of the first half double crochet of the round (54 stitches).

Round 2: Chain 1, *in first stitch (single crochet, half double crochet, half double crochet), skip 2 stitches, repeat from * ending with 2 skipped stitches, slip stitch into the top of the first single crochet (54 stitches).

Round 3 - 19: Repeat Round 2.

Closing the Top of the Hat

After the last round, fasten off, leaving a 12-inch tail to close up the top. Using a yarn needle, weave the yarn tail in and out of the last stitch from the last round until you reach the starting stitch. Pull the yarn tight to close up the hat and secure the closure. Turn the hat inside out and weave in any loose ends.

Finishing Touches

Turn the hat the right side out before wearing it. The textured side, which was the wrong side during the closing, provides a unique look to the hat. Enjoy your cozy and stylish Leigh Crochet Hat!

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