Frozen Snowflake Headband Crochet Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern - Cross Stitched

Frozen Snowflake Headband Crochet Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern

About the Frozen Snowflake Headband Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

If you're looking for a fun and festive winter accessory to add to your collection, then this Frozen Snowflake Headband crochet pattern is the perfect project for you. This headband is not only stylish but also functional, keeping your ears warm during the chilly winter months. The best part is that this pattern is easy to follow, making it great for crocheters of all skill levels.

Materials Needed:


You will need medium weight four yarn, such as Lion Brand Yarn Pound of Love in Pastel Blue or any similar yarn.

Crochet Hook:

A size H crochet hook (5 mm) is required to complete this pattern.

Other Supplies:

  • May Arts Ribbon Silver Snowflake
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Crochet Snowflake Headband Pattern:

1. Chain 60 to create the foundation for the headband. Make sure to measure the person you are making the headband for, as you may need more or fewer beginning chains to ensure a proper fit.

2. Join your chain 60 to the first chain with a slip stitch to form a circle. Be careful not to twist your chain.

3. Chain 2 and double crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook. Double crochet in every chain around, excluding the slip stitch from the beginning chain.

4. Slip stitch to the top of the first double crochet (not the chain 2), then fasten off and weave in the ends with a yarn needle.

Additional Note:

If you want to make the headband wider, after slipping stitching to the top of the first double crochet, do not tie off. Instead, chain 2 and double crochet in every chain around. Repeat the chain 2, double crochet around until you reach your desired width.

Finishing Touches:

1. Place the May Arts Ribbon Silver Snowflake on top of the headband where you'd like to attach it. Trim any excess ribbon with scissors.

2. Thread your yarn needle with the blue pastel yarn and weave it around the ribbon to attach it to the headband. Be mindful to weave around the thinner pieces of the ribbon for a secure attachment.

3. Securely fasten off the yarn, weave in any loose ends, and your Frozen Snowflake Headband is now complete!

With just a few simple steps, you can create a stunning winter accessory that will add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Whether you make it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this crochet headband is sure to be a hit during the frosty season.

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