Easy Classic Crochet Blanket Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern - Cross Stitched

Easy Classic Crochet Blanket Pattern - A Free Crochet Pattern


Looking to make a classic crochet blanket pattern but finding it hard to locate a simple and easy-to-follow pattern? Look no further! This free crochet pattern will guide you through creating a beautiful blanket using basic crochet stitches. With just a few supplies, you can create a cozy blanket that can be customized to various sizes.

Materials Needed

  • Red Heart Super Saver Ombre or any four weight yarn in Spearmint color
  • I 5.5 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Blanket Size Guide

The size shown in the pattern is "stroller" size. However, you can refer to the chart below to adjust the blanket size to your liking. Available sizes include lovey, baby, receiving, throw, twin, full, queen, and king.

Gauge Information

Gauge is important to ensure your blanket turns out the correct size. The gauge for this pattern is 8 rows x 12 sts = 3.5" x 3.5". You can refer to the gauge pattern provided in the notes section.


Foundation Row

Refer to the chart below for the starting chain of the blanket size you are making.

Row 1

In the 3rd chain from the hook, make 2 half double crochets. Continue the pattern as instructed, ending with a single crochet. Turn your work.

Row 2

Chain 1 (counts as a single crochet), then continue with the pattern of making 2 half double crochets in the next stitch. Repeat across and turn.

Row 3 onwards

Repeat Row 2 for the desired number of rows based on the size chart provided.


Once you have reached the desired size, fasten off the yarn and weave in the loose ends using a yarn needle. You can also add a border to give your blanket a polished look.

Border Ideas

Feel free to add a border to your blanket using different crochet stitch patterns for a unique touch. You can choose from various border ideas to complement your blanket.

Yardage & Total Skeins

Total skeins and yardage are calculated based on Red Heart Super Saver Ombre yarn. If you are using a different yarn, be sure to adjust accordingly. Refer to the chart below for the total skeins needed for each blanket size.

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